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released March 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Steve and the Sea Sheffield, UK

Make music and fight the power


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Track Name: Seven Autumns
Oh the fresh Autumn breeze
Flows through my chest and then out to the East
I'm finding my feet in these new surroundings
Take in your first breath and hold and release

See how it changes year after year
I start to lose count of how long I've been here
But I still recall every step on these streets
From the dust on my shoes and the soles of my feet

How I long to return to somewhere I've never been
So I'll walk to the end to walk back to the start again

Oh the cold Autumn sun
Won't let me forget how my time marches on
And I can't keep up as it races away
Like my midday shadow, getting longer each day

And out in the dark all the kids start to sing
It's so long since I did that sort of thing
Fresh faced and bright eyed wet behind the ears
And six years behind having reason to care

Was I ever so young? Was I ever so free?
Oh the road has been long but there's so much more to see

Oh take me back...

Time will remember each beat of your heart
And tick-tock away all the memories you've wrought
As the road leads away you look back where you've been
Let an old journey end to let a new one begin
Track Name: Masquerade
Into me, oh you sink your teeth
My heart beats to fill your needs
I am bee-line for the bait you feed
I succumb to what you speak

And I know this must seem strange
Playing games that you have never played
Over sounds that we both resonate
I turn you the other way

So suit me so well, keep me at arms length

Masquerading, entertain yourself again
Just pretending that you're holding someone else while I'm here

So confusing is this fusion of ourselves
So curious uncharted waters that you sail in me

Did you ever think of the damage you could do?
Think for a minute that I could fall in love with you?
Track Name: Move to the Sea
If I may be so bold I think it's time for things to change
If I take control we'll go wherever you say
I'll turn to the south it's time I was leaving for you
I promise you this time we'll see it through

We'll be OK in the end, we can escape like you said

Make up for lost time and the best laid plans
We'll write our own stories with our lives in our hands
We'll run from the city and we'll move to the sea
And live out our days in each other's company

We'll be OK in the end, we can escape like you said

We'll make a life out of what we've found
We'll sit and watch the world going around
I don't know when and I don't know how
There's no way I could turn back now

Some say it's strange, and I guess it is
But when it all comes together it'll star to make sense
I can face tomorrow but I need you with me
If I have to keep waiting that's OK with me

We'll be OK in the end, we can escape like you said
Track Name: April Sun
Stunning sun through my window break,
A year long sleep from which I awake,
Had that dream again the whole night
Cold as winter

April sun comes to warm my bones
Awake my senses and shake my soul
As I reflect in a new light
I'm turning into

Where we go is not up to us
Life will be what it makes itself
So hold on just to let go

Unmade plans in an unmade head
So unsure what it was I said
Changing rhythms, changing ways
Still moving on

Broken promises I made myself
Leaving futures to circumstance
Counting hours, counting days
Still move along

Where we are and where we go
It's not what you decide, it's not what you know
So head up, 'cause it's not Summer yet

'Cause if it's something we're meant to know
We would have known it years ago
Time will make fools of masons' hands
Time will turn stone to sand
Track Name: Up Anchor
So up anchor now, set sail at dawn
I'll turn to the South it's time I was moving on
One more survivor with a tale to tell
Of when I left you stranded, I left you for dead

So sorry, how foolish of me

I'll navigate words to lay hands on your skin
So easily broken, so easy pulled in
So draw me a map to wherever you are
And I'll navigate to where you cross your heart
This time it's different I swear on the Gods
I swear it's forever against all the odds
I'll draw all my strength not to tear you apart
But all that I've ever known is how to break hears

So sorry, how unfair of me
One more survivor, lost at sea

So stay dry, stay warm
Stay far from the waters that I sail on
'Cause the words of a siren will lead you astray
You follow the anchors to a watery grave