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by Steve and the Sea

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Cortisol 03:47
Oh how did I end up back here again? Trapped on a dying world to big to comprehend. And a constant alarm that rings in my ears, Is rationalising irrational fears Has nobody heard the news today? I can't stand to watch but I can't look away. From the ends of the earth to the heart of my brain, There's nothing left to do but pray. Can nobody hear how my body speaks? Oh get me a doctor or put me to sleep, Before my pounding heart breaks out of it's cage! My gut tells me these are my final days. Oh I'll be OK if I just hide away. I'll keep to myself and I'll keep myself safe. 'Cause no one can hurt you if no one's around. Oh it's just a false alarm let it ring out.
Long for long forgotten plans, Distracted, out of time, change tact, Love I tire, now it's time to go home. Or stick around, settle down, keep you warm. It's you and it's me, Build a home or find our feet, I will follow if you lead, You are the moon and I am the sea. How is anywhere a home without you? And how do I grow pulled from my roots? Love I fear this fear that holds me, In our own little world by the sea. It's you and it's me, It's whatever we want it to be. And I will follow if you lead, You are the moon and I am the sea. Home is where you are. Tied to, entwined to, lose it all and find you. I will follow if you lead, you're the moon and I'm the sea. The sea, you and me, and all that it leads to, Take me away, or make a home and stay. I will follow if you lead, you're the moon and I'm the sea.
Home 01:43
The Centaur 05:14
Oh my old friend, where have you gone? It's been so long since I've seen you around. And your books and your movies that line my shelf, Forget they were once owned by somebody else. They serve to remind, And keep you in mind, keep you around. And I could swear I saw you, some time, somewhere, Same shirt, same glasses and same colour hair. But it's just my mind, it likes to lie to itself, It's easier than telling the truth. And who is to blame, but me? And the years roll by and there's so much to talk about, Like the state of the world and the things that you're missing out. And the years march on and I still haven't figured out, Just what I would say if the chance did come about. Oh what could I say? What should I say, but sorry? That ship has sailed, it's long since been and it's gone. I untied the bowlines and waved you off. Oh how could I not see what was going on? I did you wrong. And it's too little, And it's too late to say anything at all.
Sleep Now 03:34
Refill my heart I... I breath deep and let it out. So breathe deep my love, This night is only ours. Speak your piece my love, And tell me all, what's taking its toll? And when you sleep my love, May you find peace from it all Time waits for no one but I'll wait for you if you need, My dreams and my fears and my heartbeat are yours to keep. And yours is the sweetest heart, The softest, slowest rhythm keeps you alive. And oh it's a love sick heart, So tangled and tired with fears that keep you up at night, We turn out the light and we hold on to hope, For a quieter mind, So kiss me now and say goodnight, And I'll hold on to hope that you'll be here for all of my nights. 'Cause time waits for no one but I'll wait for you if you need, My dreams and my fears and my heartbeat are yours to keep. So sleep now my darling I promise you this much at least, I'll share with you all of the burdens and demons you keep.
One Year 02:06
Oh my sweetest ghost you fail to fade, A cut away to fill with the same mistake. Another day I should have stayed, Too quick to walk away. And I won't forgive myself for walking out, I left abandoned. A birthday I wish I'd never had, Where I was left stranded. Another face, the story stayed, Too quick to run away. One year on I still get it wrong, I still make the same mistakes. I push you to your feet, While I still stay asleep. So hand-write apologies, With a space where the name should be, And sing all my songs to ghosts, Who were never listening.


My second EP, written and recorded 2019-2020. { Home } covers a time in my life where I have found myself trying to identify where - or what - "Home" really is, and by sheer coincidence, was released at a time when all of us are stuck in our own homes.


released April 10, 2020

Writing, performance and recording by Steve McCarthy
Mixing: Steve Durose (www.stevedurose.com)
Mastering: Tom Peters (tompetersproduction.com)


all rights reserved



Steve and the Sea Hamburg, Germany

Make music and fight the power

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